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Antibody Drug Discovery Accelerator

Antibody drug discovery business module focused on nanobody preparation,construction of phage antibody library、antibody screening and sequencing、construction of library and high-throughput recombinant antibody expression purification

IVD raw material customization

Separation and Purification of High-Quality Antigens in Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Multi-Host Systems,Alpaca single domain antibody,Rabbit monoclonal and mouse monoclonal antibody customization services.

Subunit vaccine development

Comprehensive genetic engineering vaccine development system,Anti-idiotypic antibody vaccine program,Cooperative development and technology transfer and other cooperation modes.

Development of animal and plant disease detection reagents

Provides livestock/avian/forest/fishery disease detection solutions,Good atColloidal gold test stripandELISA kitDevelopment


Provide one-stop project services for the medical field,The content covers the topic design、experimental verification、result analysis and paper writing services。

Research services

Providing tens of thousands of scientific research workers with basic scientific research services such as vector construction, gene detection, protein expression purification and macromolecular interaction

Special service&product

There were succor of the way,and the industry had special specialties,featured service of Zoonbio ranks in the forefront of the industry

Alpaca Nanobody Preparation Service

Alpaca Breeding Base, with more than 20 alpacas of healthy age, clear immune background, paternity provenance, equipped with professional veterinarians and breeding facilities.

Lactobacillus protein expression service

Based on Nisin-induced NICE system lactic acid bacteria expression platform, provides a variety of expression programs, including heat-induced expression, food-grade expression, and secretory expression.

Plant hormone testing services

Accurately and efficiently detect changes in plant hormones using LC-MS。The isotope internal standard used, compared with the external standard method, the result is more objective and true.

Super "flash blue" SDS-PAGE stain

Completely replace the traditional dyeing method, instant blue staining solution is non-toxic, odorless, green, 5 minutes dyeing complete SDS-PAGE, save time and effort.

Published documents

Protein expression

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Molecular biology

* Molecular characterization and detection of a spontaneous mutation conferring imidazolinone resistance in rapeseed and its application in hybrid rapeseed production. Hu, M., Pu, H., Kong, L. et al. Mol Breeding (2015) 35: 46. doi:10.1007/s11032-015-0227-3.
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Antibody preparation and immunoassay/span>

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